GCS’s Unsung Hero of the Year 2016/17

Every year the Education Journal Middle East holds an award competition to recognize amazing contributors in the field of education. Greenfield Community School sent in a few nominations this year (which have been shortlisted!) and we would like to take a moment and recognize the person we nominated as our “Unsung Hero of the Year,” Sunesh Kumar.


Sunesh Kumar- GCS’s Unsung Hero of the Year 2016/17

Greenfield Community School nominates Sunesh Kumar as our Unsung Hero of the Year. Sunesh’s official role is Repographics technician but Sunesh’s outstanding hardworking personality means that he does so much more and fills all the gaps of various administration work around the school.

Sunesh is the first person in school every morning and the last person to leave in the evening, especially if there’s a sports fixture on! He is the GCS sports teams’ biggest supporter with a particular interest in badminton and cricket. Sunesh supports the badminton ECA and our current coach has claimed that any future success of our most talented badminton players will surely be down to Sunesh’s extra guidance to the students.

Every day, teachers drop in to his work area, in a panic, looking for last minute photocopying or laminating or maybe some extra stationary supplies and his smiling demeanour and “can do” attitude leaves all our teachers feeling calmer and happier. His motto is “no problem” as he furrows his brow and thinks up solutions quickly to everyone’s issues.  People are always smiling after an interaction with Sunesh.

Newer teachers and members of our administration team are guided and advised by Sunesh on how to do things and he acts as a great support to our staff newcomers. Our Human Resource Manager in particular praised how he helped her settle in when she was feeling lost at the start. Our Deputy Head identified how Sunesh saved the day when she forgot to organise stationary for the whole school end of year exams. Sunesh, having been here so long, hadn’t needed to be told and had organised it all on his own initiative! Our Head of MFL fondly remembers how Sunesh took the time to explain the operational side of placing orders and how on her first day and first year at school he provided her with all help that she needed to settle down by organizing stationary, assessment folders and notebooks not just for herself but for the entire department without being asked to do so.

Sunesh plays badminton with some of our new teachers and the new science lab technician, contributing to a sense of friendship which is much more than the minimum professional requirements expected of staff. Once, he gathered the administrative staff at the end of  a training day to a surprise sports activity he planned at the sports hall, and they all played badminton and basketball, they said it felt like they “were a family”.

Sunesh’s proactivity and initiative is something that is regularly commented on and highlighted among the staffroom.

Sunesh is a great team player and fully supports the various office personnel around the school, making tea and preparing biscuits for visitors to support the principal’s personal assistant, coming to the Secondary Parent Teacher conferences and staying until the very end so he can guide parents on where to go, re-organising the staff room and finding/fixing coffee machines so that everyone has access to fresh coffee all day.

Sunesh Kumar in our UAE National Day Fashion Show

Everyone in the school has a Sunesh anecdote like when the Principal forgot to bring shoes after a gym session and Sunesh swapped shoes with him for the day! The math’s teacher gets a little maths puzzle every time she is waiting on printing. He has lots of puzzles hidden and loves to challenge the students and to see them figure out the answer. He dresses up for all the National days with his Emirati flag proudly supporting the UAE and the school.

We are a community school and Sunesh is a shining example of what it means to be a member of the community. Sunesh is gem of a person because he not only works sincerely and untiringly but also helps unconditionally and probably can never say “NO” to anyone who seeks his help. He is always there, ready for everyone, to do all that he can to make things go smoothly without any kind of discrimination, he will help the new teacher as much as he’ll help the Headteacher. We hope that you look upon this nomination with favour because diamonds like Sunesh deserve to be recognised to demonstrate how schools are not only successful due to excellent teaching, but because the heroes in the background ensure that there are no obstacles to high quality teaching and learning. We want Sunesh to know how much we appreciate him and his humble nature makes it difficult for him to accept our praise – we hope this shows how much we recognise and appreciate all that he does.







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