Drawing Competition Teaches Appreciation for Nature

Our world is full of the awe and wonder of nature and many of our students have enjoyed exploring this theme as part of Emirates Environmental Group‘s annual ‘Environmental Drawing Competition.’
Mr Burden would like to thank all students who got involved and created so many wonderful masterpieces under the themes of ‘Giving back to nature’ and ‘Gifts of nature’.
With so many beautiful illustrations produced from our innovative students, it was a challenge to select just ten pieces to submit to the final stage of the competition. Thankfully some open minded members from our newly formed GET (Greenfield Environmental Team) were present to lend a helping hand and make a final decision.
Congratulations to the following students who have certainly helped to put some more Green back into Greenfield with their inspirational designs.  Your amazing art work has now been delivered to a panel of judges and we look forward to seeing if any of them receive even more recognition.
Group 1 Giving Back To Nature
Mathieu Saad   2SE
Muhammad Mehdi  2SE
Sama Al Lami  3VB
Rayhaan Sagar  2SE
Kenan Caliskan  1ZJ
Group 2 Gifts Of Nature
Emma Rossi  5JG
Fritz Pannier  4SDL
Ishaan Banerjee 4CB
Riccardo Martinico  4TF
Sarah Therkildsen  5JG
Contributed by: Vincent Burden
Grade 3 Teacher & Mr. Captain Planet

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