What is Week Without Walls?



A Week Without Walls (WWW) is a week at Greenfield Community School where no formal lessons are held in the Middle Years Program, Career Program nor Diploma Program grades. Instead, students will engage in sustainable service and/or gain awareness of issues that transcend national borders. They will develop an understanding of themselves, their friends and the global community. Students will often plan and work as teams, strengthening their teamwork for a common goal of greater good.

Why do we do WWW? Week Without Walls learning objectives closely mirror the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile.  In particular, there is a strong correlation to the CAS program (Creativity, Action, Service) for DP and the Service as Action program in the MYP.  The SA and CAS programs encourage students to increase their awareness of areas for personal growth, to undertake new challenges, to plan and initiate activities, to work collaboratively with others, to show perseverance and commitment, to engage in issues of global importance, to consider the ethical implications of their actions, and to develop new life skills.  All of these objectives can easily be met through meaningful participation in the WWW program.

This morning at school we launched Week Without Walls 2018.  After our successful programs of 2017 we have made this a week of experiential learning experience.  During this week all MYP, DP and CP will not follow the regular timetable and will be learning through alternative activities linking to CAS, Service Learning and Service as Action. Exact dates for 2018 are still to be determined.
We have a range of activities available to the students, dependent on grade.  These include international and domestic residential opportunities along with local daytime and in-school programs. For all grades there are meaningful opportunities with zero or minimum cost (100AED or less).
We have created a website dedicated to the week which includes information on the week and the programs available. Please see the website for which grades are eligible for which programs.  You can find it it at: http://gcswww.weebly.com.
At present we are only signing up and promoting the International Experiences, this is due to having to make early reservations for destinations and flights.  All other programs will be signed up in September 2017.
Please visit the website and the “about” section for lots of frequently asked questions and information. But if you have any additional questions please contact Mr Christensen.
Contributed by:
Matt Christensen
Athletics Director & CAS Coordinator
Greenfield Community School

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