Wellthy Girls- a GCS Initiative to Empower Women & Encourage Healthy Lifestyles


Skinny, fast, muscles, eating salads, sporty…when you ask teenagers what fitness means to them, and how it shows itself, this is some of the most common answers you will hear. When speaking with the Middle Years Program (MYP) female students here at Greenfield Community School, an overwhelming majority of them felt that to be fit, means that you have to participate in sport, follow a diet and be skinny. Social media is a massive part of our lives, and for young people this is now the most popular medium for connecting with friends and keeping up to date with the world of entertainment. Whilst there are many positives to technology, there are also negatives. One of these being the pressures society puts on young people to have toned abdominals and be thin like a supermodel.

In an effort to empower our female students and change their perception of what it means to be fit, we have launched a new initiative called Wellthy Girls.

On Tuesday 24th January, all female students in the MYP participated in several workshops promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Examples of workshops included nutritional advice, a Crossfit Sands taster session, and yoga in the sunshine. The aim of this ongoing initiative is to increase confidence amongst our female students, while guiding and supporting them in making positive life choices.

So what happens next?

In term 3 we are looking to run a Wellthy Girls ECA which will not limit the number of students that can get involved. Students will not only engage in a variety of physical activities, they will have the opportunity to set goals, gain valuable information from external providers and make a difference not only to their life, but the lives of others.

There will be a meeting for all female students and parents who wish to be a part of this exciting new initiative in the near future.  🙂

Contributed by: Jade Cunningham

PE Teacher & Grade 9 Coordinator

Greenfield Community School


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