Positivity, Mindfulness and Academic Performance

Rola Ghadban practicing mindfulness with her Grade 2 class. 

I was fortunate to attend the recent World Government Summit’s event: “Global Perspectives on Positive Education” and learn from many visionaries in the field of positive education. I am proud to say the United Arab Emirates is pioneering many movements towards prioritizing student well-being as more and more research is scientifically showing the lasting benefits on student performance and happiness.


One of the key foci was on how positive mindset and academic performance are NOT mutually exclusive, rather are highly correlated and dependent on one another. At Greenfield Community School, we have been on a mission to help transform the culture of the school into a more mindful space that embraces these life affirming values. We are the first school to now have two (!) mindfulness rooms for both primary and secondary, designed with the intention to empower students with tools to practice the benefits of a healthy and happy mind. Stay tuned for more school movements supporting making our school even more mindful and HAPPY!

Contributed by: Rola Ghadban

Mindfulness & Well Being Coordinator and Grade 2 Teacher

Greenfield Community School


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