The New PYP Eco Team & Green Day Assembly

After a successful Green Day earlier in the month, Grade 3 have enjoyed showcasing everyone’s efforts at a celebration assembly.
Primary Green Day Assembly Performance
With all primary homeroom teachers delivering lessons based around taking greater care of our planet, a greener Greenfield is certainly on the horizon.
Each grade also nominated principled Eco Team members who were formally introduced on stage.  They are looking forward to working together in the future to help us all make a more positive impact on our local and global environment.
Thank you grade 3 for such an imaginative and lovely end to a busy and productive half term.  We are all looking forward to helping our allotment zone come to life when we return from our breaks and sure that our newly elected Eco Team will support us along the way.
Eco Team
Eco Team Members names:
Ryan Chalmers (2EL) Danica Hewitt (2CEK) Inika Mukherjee (3JH) Vic Van Hees (3FDP) Chloe Pauls (4CB) Mohamed Alibhali (4CS) Hanan Omar (5LK) Lina Hoef (5JR)
Contributed by: Vincent Burden
Grade 3 Teacher

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