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The International Benchmark Test is a benchmark test programme developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and designed specifically for students in international schools, which assesses students in the three learning areas of Mathematics, English and Science. There are a number of these tests available and the KHDA have approved this as a test for private schools in the UAE. The questions at each testing level are designed to measure understanding of key concepts and skills appropriate to the expected level of understanding of students at each age / grade level.

 This is the second year that we have written these tests, so we have a baseline against which to measure student progress from last year. We have been given the data outlining our performance against the average for schools in the UAE. We expect that the international averages will be released later, at which time we will release your child’s individual student report and we will hold  information sessions for parents to discuss how home and school work together to support your child’s continued achievement. 

 Overall, we have shown steady improvement. In English our results continue to be above the world average with noted improvements in the use of grammar.

 Our Mathematics results have shown solid progress. During the last year we have revised our Mathematics curriculum and assessment standards and focused on raising the quality of teaching and learning.  We do a detailed question by question analysis and are able to track the students’ understanding of the key topics or skills. This shows that our efforts are evident in improved student outcomes.

 Our Science results have shown an average increase. The questions in science are divided into categories of natural, earth and physical sciences and we are working to identify which curriculum areas are strengths and which we need to target.

 Each year we seek to be better than our previous best and whilst I am very pleased with the overall improvement, especially in Mathematics, we are determined to build upon the good work that our students and teachers are doing. After the mid-tern break we look forward to sharing these results with you. We remain committed to raising standards in all subjects.


 A reminder to give us your feedback through two surveys, both of which are done annually. The first is the Taaleem survey and the second the KHDA one. This is your chance to affirm what the school is doing well and to give us feedback about  things that we can improve upon.

 Here are the links:

 Taaleem parents survey:

 KHDA parents survey:

-Andy Wood-


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