Green Day + GCS = Fun :)

This Thursday our children, staff and wider parent community all worked hard to put the Green back into Greenfield Community School (GCS).  It was hoped that the day’s events would see creation of a new school allotment, enabling students to experience the awe and wonder of nurturing and growing something themselves.  Thanks to everyone’s hard work and through educating the young minds of GCS, we as a school helped to bring even more life and beauty to an already impressive nation and our school is certainly a lot greener.


Our students enjoyed a whole host of environmentally themed learning and enjoyed decorating their new raised plant beds.  Many classes explored how we can reuse items that we no longer need.  It was lovely to see Grade 2 students exchanging unwanted gifts.  Grade 3 enjoyed taking some of their learning outdoors and reusing plastic bottles to embark upon a sunflower competition.

We had a water obstacle race to teach our students the value of water conservation. Students had to hold a cup of water as they raced thru the obstacle race, without spilling a drop! Afterwards, students poured the water into canisters that will be re-used to water our new raised plant beds.

During the day, classes also elected nominees to help us as a school form a new school Eco Team.  This group of students will be formally announced in a celebration assembly next month and we look forward to seeing how their principled actions will bring about some more reducing, recycling and reusing at Greenfield.

We will be welcoming a very special guest in March who will officially open our new learning zone and look forward to building on this years’ success in the years to come.

Mr Burden would like to express a huge thank you to the following people who made a significant contribution to the day: Mr Seymour for resourcing many items, maintenance staff for preparing the allotment area and raised beds, our GCP team of parent helpers for their hands on support during Green Day, staff who will help prepare student to celebrate the day’s events later in the term, homeroom teachers for planning such memorable learning experiences and our students and their parents whose hard work will certainly have a lasting impact on Greenfield and the wider global community.

Contributed by: Vincent Burden

Grade 2 Teacher and Green Day Organizer

Greenfield Community School


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