Teacher Receives PHD With Distinction

Over the Winter Break I completed my Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at the University of Lisbon. Using a case study design, I studied teaching practices to promote students’ self-regulation of learning in mathematics. On 16th December I defended my doctorate in a public event where I gave a short lecture explaining my research, followed by a (not so short!) discussion with a panel of examiners.


It was undoubtedly a very long and consuming process, but also an extremely enriching experience that has allowed me to put together theory and practice.

Using the words of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935):

Toda a teoria deve ser feita para poder ser posta em prática, e toda a prática deve obedecer a uma teoria (…) Na vida superior a teoria e a prática completam-se. Foram feitas uma para a outra.

(Rough translation: Every theory should be put into practice, and every practice should obey to a theory (…) In superior life theory and practice complete each other. They are made for each other.)

Contributed by: Dr. Silvia Semana

MYP and DP Mathematics Teacher

Greenfield Community School 


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