The UAE Declaration of Happiness and Positivity at GCS


declaration of happiness.JPG
The United Arab Emirates Declaration of Happiness and Positivity displayed in the Secondary Reception

In November, Greenfield Community School joined the #100daysofpositivity challenge initiated by the Minister of State for Happiness and the KHDA.

“Our aim is to support and grow the practices that will encourage children to have more positive habits and lead happier lives,” said Ohood Al Roumi, Minister of State for Happiness. “We have seen that students are keen to discover and learn from what positive education can give them. The leadership of the UAE is committed to promoting positive thinking and behaviour, and we rely on the cooperation of the whole community to make this part of our everyday lives.”

What makes GCS a happy positive school?

[wpvideo ceAPXwsC]

Greenfield Community  School‘s Principal, Andy Wood, discuses what he believes makes GCS a Happy School.

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