Students Compete in BRAINways the QUEST

Enrichment Programme – The QUEST presented by BRAINways Education

BRAINways Education is a not for profit organisation which has been established from Australia in 2007. Dr. Mirella Olivier is the founder of this organisation and is keen to bring programmes into various parts of the world to be the catalyst to enrich the talents of students who may have gifts in certain subject areas. Since 2007, the programmes have been implemented in Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and including her home country Australia.

Dr. Mirella Olivier’s Gifted and Talented model originates from Francoys Gagne “The Differentiated Model of Giftedness.” Gagne’s model indicates that the outstanding potential (which is the ‘Gift’) can develop into an outstanding performance (which is the ‘Talent’) by having specific ‘Catalyst’ by enriching activities. The catalyst comes from all areas – such as parents, exposure to inspiring activities, building the self-motivation, building on the strengths and nurturing areas which are weaker, teachers, and differentiated activities within the classroom environment, enrichment and accelerations within the curriculum and stimulating programmes.


Greenfield Community School inspires to be a part of the ‘catalyst’ to enrich the lives of our students in various programmes. Students have the opportunity throughout the year to participate in various enrichment programmes and competitions – Model United Nations, Desert Dance, Taaleem Swim Gala, Taaleem Football Gala, Taaleem Arabic Competition, Taaleem Writing Contests, Readers Cup, Emirates Litfest Competitions, and we have our Student Leadership throughout the whole school who have initiated various programmes and events like the student led assemblies, Breast Cancer Awareness and much more. Throughout the year, our teachers/facilitators differentiate the curriculum to fit all students’ needs and with guidance and encouragement, bring the students to their zone of proximal development to enhance their learning.


As our journey continues … as nine of our students participated in BRAINways The Quest at Wollongong University in Dubai. This year our focus was the age groups of 8-10 years old and 11-13 years old. On Friday, 25th of November, the three groups went through preparatory and rigorous day of learning new concepts such as laws of thermodynamics, circle geometry and functions of various mythology which led them through their zone of proximal development and the next day, they competed with other schools (including Dubai College, Westgreen International School, Dubai International Academy, Australian School of Sharjah, Jumeirah Primary School and many more) in three focused areas of Science, Math and Humanities. Three students in Grade 5 from Ms. Jane Gaughan and Mr. James Robinson’s Homeroom won first place in their Science Competition! All the students were champions and as they worked very well collaboratively.

All nine students had the opportunity to share their learning with Mr. Wood over lunch and were keen on communicating their learning and experience!

Contributed by: Farin Padamsey

Head of Student Support

Greenfield Community School ianl0180

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