GCS Visits Dubai Investments’ Sustainability Event

Last week Dubai Investments, invited some of our MYP students to their Dubai Investments’ Sustainability Strategy Event as part of Innovation Week.
During GCS’s visit we discovered how smart technology is the key to a sustainable future, and gained insight into how smart tech has become the first industrial movement that holds sustainability at the forefront of its development.  In effect, this has helped make products more efficient, design better buildings, and keep people safer and healthier.
As part of Dubai Investments’ Sustainability Strategy, this event provided training sessions, an exhibition, as well as hands-on experience to the visitors.
The 3 main components highlighted during the SMART SUSTAINABILITY WEEK were:
  • Social: Community Involvement, Assisted Living, Health & Safety
  • Environment: Pollution, Water Conservation, Energy Use
  • Economy: Ethics & Security, Productivity, Connectivity
Some of the outcomes and lessons learned from attending this event include:
Raised Awareness about Sustainability
•       What is Sustainability?
•       Why Should We Care?
•       Direct and Indirect Impact
•       Can We Make a Difference?
Raised Awareness about Smart Technologies
•       What is the Internet Of Things (IoT)?
•       What are its Applications?
•       How to Benefit from IoT?
Showcased Smart Technologies Serving Sustainability with Hands-on Experience
•       IoT Devices Enriching Sustainable Initiatives
•       IoT Global Case Studies Serving Sustainable Development
•       IoT Application to Engage the Person and the Community with the Aim of Sustainability
Overall, it was an excellent event and we at Greenfield Community School look forward to partnering with other community businesses in the future!
If your company would like to be a GCS sponsor/partner, please contact: community@gcschool.ae

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