How #HappyPlant Helped Teach us to Share the World


In Grade 5 we are currently looking at “Sharing the Planet” as our unit of inquiry. The central idea of this theme is that plants need specific things in order to be healthy and grow. This unit of inquiry coupled with our grade 5 students’ pursuit to spread happiness means we have greatly enjoyed this year’s Kalebr Happy Plant celebration event.

Our knowledgeable students shared the plant’s background and their vision to nurture the plantlets from a mother spider plant in the attempt to reach over 1000 homes by the end of the academic year


The students all spoke proudly to special visitors and guests to the event, and their principled efforts were greatly received with many people adding their names to the waiting lists for future plants.

We’re sure that with some continued collaboration, your Spider Long-Leg plants will have a big impact on promoting the benefits of caring and nurturing plants to bring an overall sense of well-being to the lives of many at Greenfield and the wider community.

Contributed by: Vincent Burden

Grade 3 Teacher

Greenfield Community School 



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