UAE National Day at GCS

Why Celebrating National Day and Understanding Different Cultures and Traditions is so Important

This week we are celebrating UAE National Day and as a guest of this wonderful country it’s fantastic to become involved in such events. National Day gives you an opportunity to join in a country’s celebrations – I have been lucky enough to enjoy the festivities in Indonesia, Oman, Saudi Arabia and now the United Arab Emirates.

In Dubai this is sure to be spectacular with fireworks, festivities, food and aircraft displays in all of the fantastic colours of the UAE flag.

GCS International Day Celebration 2016

However it is also great to see in Dubai the integration of other countries and cultures and traditions and the lighting up of the Burj Khalifa in the colours of different countries flags on their national day.

The really important thing for me about National Day is that it is an opportunity to examine and to look to understand traditions of the country in which you are resident. It is a reminder of the importance of tradition and recognising the role a rich past contributes to creating the now.

United Arab Emirates Display at GCS International Day 2016

Before I lived in Indonesia, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE my knowledge of them was much more limited than it is now. I feel I have some understanding which I can pass on and this helps to give a positive and less stereotyped reflection than the way any country is often understood by people who have never visited it or lived in it. Intercultural understanding is more important than ever.

National day gives you an opportunity to enjoy the music, the food, the language, the arts, the different means of expression that marks that country apart from any other. No two countries are the same. National day is an important tradition that all countries should maintain for taking pride in your country and its achievements and for allowing guests to enjoy and experience its opportunities.

On Monday 28th, in school, we will be holding our traditional Greenfield Community School National Day celebrations. Students and staff wear national clothes or colours. As part of the day, we will have assemblies for both primary and secondary focusing on aspects of UAE culture. The content for these assemblies and for the National Day celebrations has been created in liaison with Emirati parents. We hope everyone has a fantastic UAE National Day.

Contributed by: Neil Bunting

Head of Secondary

Greenfield Community School


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  1. […] National Day is the anniversary where residents recall the greatness of glorious history, the formation of the UAE and celebrate it through all public and private institutions.   The long days of preparation for the National Day celebrations in Greenfield Community School are days of joy and pleasure, as the school’s family is engaged in organizing various events, and encouraging students to passionately participate in these events.  The GCS celebrations begin with a variety of theatrical performances that show some of the UAE’s heritage like the beautiful “Ayalah” and “Yola” dances, followed by the UAE traditional costume fashion show done by teachers and students, in addition to a video that shows different life experiences of many members of the administrative and teaching staff and parents as well. […]

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