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Dear Parents,

This week and term it has been an absolute pleasure to watch our various sports teams in action. I have followed the progress of the Boys U14 and Girls U16 football closely: both have been unbeaten and yesterday the girls played and won the final match of the season, winning the league. Both teams have played with tremendous grit and determination, showing toughness and perseverance. More than the score on the board, the sportsmanship that the teams have displayed has been exemplary; they have accepted the judgement of the referees without question and at the end of the match have thanked the opposition for the game. These are very much part of the values that we seek to instill in our students.


The match of the week was basketball. Our Boys’ U16 team was promoted from the 4th to the 2nd division this year and has found themselves in a pool with some of the sporting powerhouses in Dubai. After a season in which they have seen some great wins and disappointing losses, they made it to the finals. Yesterday afternoon they faced Dubai International Academy, a team that has a proud track record. The match was a nail-biting affair with GCS taking the lead on the first quarter, but then losing the second and third quarters. The final quarter was a tough one and our lads had to dig deep and play as they have never played before. The final seconds determined the game and the score was GCS 23 – DIA 20. It was their proudest hour.


There have been many other successful sports teams this term – please look at the sports page for their achievements.


The life lessons that they boys and girls have learnt along the way are invaluable. Loyalty and commitment to the team, learning to lose graciously and win humbly, and the ability to bounce back, to name a few. Players have to commit to a team for a season and arrive at training week after week. They bond with peers and teachers in a way the never happens in the classroom. Strong friendships are forged. The players wear the Greenfield badge with pride and the rest of the school unites in support of teams and school. School spirit has never been stronger.


We are seeing more and more students participating in the sports programme of the school, supported by a growing number of teachers who volunteer to coach and manage the teams. None of this would be possible with the groundwork that Mark Bishop and latterly Matt Christensen have laid as Directors of Athletics.


Please join us on Monday afternoon at 4.00 pm for the Boys’ U19 basketball finals here at GCS.



Winter Concert


This year instead of the winter fair we will be holding a winter concert. In previous years the fair has become something of a flea market with a range of local businesses selling things and it hasn’t had much benefit for the students. In reviewing what has gone well and how we can improve the events, we would like to refocus and celebrate our students’ musical and creative talents and lay on an event that will bring families together. The concert will provide that opportunity. Please diarise the 7th December at 5.00 pm.

-Andrew Wood-


Greenfield Community School


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