What is Mindfulness and How Can it Help You?

Gary Mallon, Head of Primary & Rola Ghadban, Mindfulness and Well Being Coordinator with Students

In today’s overstimulated world, it is hard for adults to be focused let alone children. We are physically and mentally rushing from one purpose to another in a random fashion, rushing to start and complete numerous tasks. What we need is mindfulness, a quality or state of being conscious and aware of the present moment without judgement, while acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings and thoughts.


Mindfulness gives one the ability to create harmony within our inner person and the external environment, and has scientifically been proven to help with focus, balancing emotions and rewiring the brain to help students learn.

Here are a few tips to help you practice mindfulness in your daily life.


An excellent resource to help you incorporate mindfulness into your everyday routine is the Smiling Mind App. I recommend everyone to check out this site and download the app to help guide you and your family.

I am so excited to share with you that we, here at Greenfield Community School, are now in the process of creating the first mindfulness room in the UAE, which will also have a sensory room component as well! We can’t wait to showcase this innovative project with you all and are looking forward to seeing you at our Grand Opening.


Contributed by:

Rola Ghadban

Grade 2 Teacher

Mindfulness & Well Being Coordinator

Greenfield Community School 



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