A Student’s Review on Grade 5 Camp

Two Students Re-cap Grade 5 Camp

It was one of those things you hear about and dream of, but then the day finally arrived. It was an approximate two hour drive to North Star camp in Dibba. Upon arriving at camp the buzz of excitement filled the air! After settling into our bunk rooms we started on the first round of activities.



Archery was extremely impressive with many of us hitting the target. The low ropes were great exercise for muscles since it was challenging not to touch the floor. The team building was frustrating because not everyone cooperates as well as expected, but by using our IB attitudes we got here in the end. That night we did a Wadi Walk. Strolling in the desert and saw the constellation Cassiopeia and the never moving North Star. After an exciting night we finally went to bed.


The next day right after the delicious and nutritional breakfast we got straight into the next round of activities. On the hike we got to see an old abandoned village where the Bedouins used to live. There were many shells on the floor because the Bedouins used to trade the shells. When we arrived back to camp we had two and a half hours of free time, so we got to go to the pool. That afternoon we did another round of activities for some of us we had to be risk takers as we attempted abseiling and rock climbing for the first time. That night, egg drop challenge. We had to build something that would stop an egg from cracking when thrown from the top of the climbing tower. After three hours, teachers finally won and we were not impressed! On the final day activities sent the finals groups to the beach where they attempted to kayak and completed raft building. Unfortunately, two people got stung by jellyfish but lived to tell the tale. It was then pack up time and the bus ride home.


We would like to say thank you to all the people who made it possible for us to have this wonderful opportunity!

By Two Greenfield Community School Students:

Matej Simko (5PW) and Alexander Poesche (5JG)

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