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I would like to take this opportunity again to outline the role, responsibility and function of the Advisory Board. This outline has been requested from a number of sources and as such whilst I have communicated it via email to a number of people I believe it’s best to republish it again in this newsletter.

The mission statement of the Advisory Board’s key focus is to exist and to act in the best interest of all stakeholders, namely; the students, parents, staff and the greater community to impact and achieve excellence in education.

The Greenfield Community School (GCS) Advisory Board’s duties are to advise the Principal, Mr Andy Wood on issues relating to educational matters which will impact the quality of education for all our students as well as the facilities and resources needed for effective teaching and learning within our school. Furthermore, the Advisory Board liaises and advises the Principal in an endeavor to ensure that the whole school community’s interests are identified as key goals and therefore, are actively engaged in the formulation of a school community and partnership between students, teachers, parents and the greater community.

The restructuring of the Greenfield Community School Advisory Board in September 2015 focused on the development, in collaboration and communication between all participants in the GCS community.

In achieving the above, the commencement of the 2015-16 academic year saw the inclusion of student representation onto the Advisory Board. Student ‘Heads of School’ are invited to present their feedback, comments and requests to the Advisory Board. This is initiated within and through the School Student Council, both at primary and secondary school level. It has been an exciting and rewarding new development as we, for the first time are “hearing” from our students at an Advisory Board level thus impacting student voice and engagement.

Representation from primary and secondary teaching staff, as well as heads of school, ensures that developments, innovative initiatives and key updates are shared with all advisory board members. It has also served to inform the senior leadership team of any staff concerns in forward planning.

The “voice” of the parent community to a strategic and development level is fulfilled through having a permanent representation of the Greenfield Community Parent groups (GCP) Chairperson.

To add to the above, the Advisory Board is to seek input from “key persons” within our school community to add value from a business development perspective. As such parents and partners from the business community form a part of the Advisory Board.

Along with the outstanding development and progress that we have seen within our “whole school” programme, we now have a strong school community partnership which exists between the school, the Senior Leadership Team of GCS, student representation, staff representation, Greenfield Community Parents and parent representation. This will stand GCS in a far stronger position to develop and meet the expectations of all stakeholders in striving to achieve excellence in education.

In respect of our recent Advisory Board meetings, there have been a number of comments and issues aired which I would like to outline for the GCS community.

We have been blessed this year to see some improvements to our school facilities with new change room facilities, new library – which now offers more space and a more modern style, repainting of the school, along with a complete refurbishment of the swimming pool and the administration offices. Credit is due here to Taaleem for the commitment they have made is keeping our school a modern, up to date and user-friendly facility.

Along with the development of our school, Taaleem has invested substantially in Taaleem Towers, which is a facility to accommodate Taaleem staff. This has been very favorable development and our teachers who are housed there are very pleased with their accommodation.

Regular positive feedback is being expressed by all with the development this academic year with career programme that is being offered by GCS. This was a high priority issue brought to the Advisory Board by the GCP last year, and I am pleased to say that through the persistence and support of all stakeholders we are now in a position as a school to offer an effective career support programme.

I would like to advise all of the GCS community that we are undertaking regular meetings now with both Slices and Zaks. The fundamental in meeting with both these suppliers is to address both the cost and quality of the product supplied to GCS. We will also be meeting with Arab Falcon, the bus company to address concerns and questions that you have had with our bus service to and from the school.

In respect of our meetings with both Slices and Zachs we are looking at a number of options to address the issues expressed and I will update you soonest possible with additional feedback.

I welcome feedback and questions by all of our GCS community and would like to, once again remind you of the AB email address advisoryboartd@gcschool.ae Please feel free to email me.

 Best wishes,




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