Grade 3 Assembly- Role Models

October 20th, 2016


Grade three students have enjoyed coming together this term to think about their role models and how these people have positively influenced themselves, individuals and societies.


Once the true meaning of a role model had been explored, students set about researching role models who have had a direct impact on their own lives.  Along this journey, they learnt about some other inspirational people.


They enjoyed learning about how Martin Luther King Jr. brought about change with his open minded and principled actions.  His dreams inspired the children’s dreams and, as it is them who will shape our future world, it was lovely to hear some of our young Greenfield Community School’s citizens’ dreams.


With so much valuable thinking and communicating skills taking place in all classrooms, the opportunity to share this learning with some other grades encouraged everyone to work hard to inspire others in our GCS community.


Students enjoyed showing recognition of their chosen role models by dressing up and imitating them.  It was extremely refreshing to see the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, Katy Perry and Albert Einstein being held on the same level as Mums, Dads, Grandparents and a very happy Mr Hein.



However, what we learnt last Thursday was that it is also our grade 3 students who we have much to learn from and we’re sure their actions in the auditorium will have inspired many of our other students, parents and staff to continue shining and living out their own dreams.


Congratulations on a great job Grade 3! Your thinking was brought to life with your inspirational communicating skills and we are certain that you will continue to inspire and lead by example throughout the year.


 Contributed by:

Vincent Burden

           Grade 3 Teacher         



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